The 100th episode jumps out of the gate with a fitting “Stump the Band” question. Then, Mitch talks about the origin and evolution of the podcast and then reads some listener emails. Also, the live Zoom audience jumps in with Q&A. Three interviews beginning with the Zeke Faux’s breakdown of the notorious Sean Murphy story, Redskins reporter with The Athletic Ben Standig, and golf writer John Hawkins. The “Other Stuff” segment covers the newest twist in the Quinton Dunbar story, Athlete of the Week honors to two heroic former college football players, and the aftermath of Desean Jackson’s controversial social media post.


  • Zeke Faux | Bloomberg reporter
  • Ben Standig | The Athletic Washington Redskins reporter
  • John Hawkins | Golf writer


0:20 | What happened on March 2, 1962 in Hershey, Pennsylvania and how does it relate to the number 100?

22:20 | Scott is hooked on the new app Trivia Royale.

24:58 | Mitch shares the story about the genesis of the podcast nearly two years ago.

35:27 | The guys open up the listener mailbox and proceed to bash themselves over the head with the kind words.

55:28 | Members of the live Zoom audience jump in with some Q&A.

1:15:00 | GUEST: Zeke Faux shares the story of Boston thief Sean Murphy who stole the New York Giants Super Bowl rings after defeating his beloved Pats.

1:43:39 | GUEST: Ben Standig discusses the apparent upcoming name change of the Washington Redskins and his coincidental link to Mitch back in his D.C. days.  

2:06:08 | GUEST: Golf writer John Hawkins weighs in on the polarizing young star Bryson Dechambeau and previews the remainder of the 2020 season.

2:26:05 | The latest “Woj-Bomb” was unlike any the ESPN NBA reporter has made before.

2:27:41 | Quinton Dunbar’s lawsuit took a turn for the worse which casts doubt on his likelihood to suit up this season.

2:31:00 | A radio gig in Nashua opened up for hotshot after Dianna Ploss’ racist tirade earned her a pink slip.

2:31:59 | Eminem latest song makes reference to Drew Brees’ Twitter video that was heavily scrutinized.

2:33:07 | Usain Bolt’s 200m world record was nearly broken…if only the sprinter ran the proper distance.

2:33:43 | Philip Banks and Dartanguan Alexander earn athlete of the week honors for the heroic display.

2:36:17 | Richard Sherman is angered by the league’s statement that postgame jersey swapping will not be allowed.

2:37:20 | Desean Jackson was fined for his insensitive comments and was contacted by Julian Edelman with an offer.

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