Episode 99 kicks off with a mixture of disgust and wonderment about Joey Chestnut’s hot dog eating prowess and reaction to listener emails. Then, the guys chat about the great athletes that bore number 99, their Independence Day weekend festivities, and Antonio Brown’s potential path to Seattle. Three featured guests beginning with former Mariners pitcher Andy Benes followed by the long-awaited returns of Rick Neuheisel and college hoops expert Jeff Goodman. Later, Mitch and Scott volley their laundy list of additional topics including the death of a Seattle protester and subsequent social media fallout aimed at Dori Monson, a memorable Boeing Classic story that involved Mitch and Curtis Strange, & the announcement of the Washington Redskins among other teams changing their names.  


  • Andy Benes | Former MLB pitcher
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


0:00 | Another mustard belt for Joey Chestnut means another round of “how many hot dogs could you eat in one sitting?”

12:15 | A listener-submitted email prompted Mitch and Scott to recall the inconvenience associated with leg injuries.

31:45 | Top 99s in sports history are noted for episode naming honors revealed at the end of the show.

37:03 | The guys talk about they spent their Fourth of July weekend.

43:01 | Does Russell Wilson have the cache to persuade the Seahawks front office to bring in Antonio Brown?

56:29 | GUEST: Andy Benes talks about his mid-season trade to the ’95 Mariners and overcoming off-the-field challenges after a long MLB career.

1:24:56 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel weighs in on the obstacles facing the upcoming football season and provides a dose of indelible storytelling from yesteryear. 

1:48:59 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman provides a scouting report of Emoni Bates and Makur Maker after verbally committing to Michigan State and Howard University respectively. 

2:06:11 | A protester in Seattle was struck by a car and died over the weekend and local media personality Dori Monson is receiving criticism on social media in the aftermath.

2:11:11 | Mitch recalls a radio bit during the Boeing Classic weekend that resulted in front page news from actions taken by the caller.

2:16:25 | King Felix joins the growing list of big leaguers that have decided to sit out the shortened season. 

2:18:18 | Is The Ellen Show cancelled or not and if so, what is the real reason behind the decision?

2:19:13 | Looks like the NFL team in our nation’s capital will finally have a new nickname despite Dan Snyder’s stubbornness.

2:22:43 | Alaska Airlines is bringing a sports flair to their service by “penalizing” passengers for violating virus prevention protocol.

2:24:36 | The guys are vexed at two stories illustrating groups of people behaving badly.

2:27:08 | A man suffered some serious internal damage after a night of heavy drinking which is subject to Hotshot’s one-liners. 

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