The show kicks off with discussion surrounding the upcoming Episode 100 which transitions into a movie-themed tangent including St. Elmo’s Fire, The Champ, and Brian’s Song. Then, the guys delve into the Griffey documentary and Mitch’s impression of “The Kid” during his career in Seattle. Three featured guests starting with Chicago Bears legend Jim McMahon followed by renowned ESPN baseball voice Tim Kurkjian and Oklahoma reporter Kayla Branch. Topics brought to the table in the “Other Stuff” segment include the newly named “Climate Pledge Arena”, Dori Monson’s growing contingent of critics on social media, & the next great casino in Vegas opening later this year!


  • Jim McMahon | Super Bowl winning NFL quarterback
  • Tim Kurkjian | ESPN baseball analyst
  • Kayla Branch | The Oklahoman government reporter 


6:39 | How does St. Elmo’s Fire, The Champ, and Brian’s Song all come up within today’s tease segment?

23:44 | Notable 98s are put under a microscope for debate of today’s episode naming rights.

30:38 | Scott weighs in on the Griffey documentary which leads to an unfiltered opinion about “The Kid” by Mitch.

59:09 | GUEST: Jim McMahon drops by to share some classic stories from his memorable football career.

1:34:18 | GUEST: Tim Kurkjian is skeptical about the shortened baseball season going off without a hitch.

1:51:53 | GUEST: Kayla Branch discusses the details from the Julius Jones murder case that has sparked a recent ground-swell of support. 

2:11:54 | Hotshot recalls the time he tried to book Luis Sojo as a radio guest and received a false excuse several pro athletes have used over the years.

2:13:45 | Keyarena is no more…make way for Climate Pledge Arena.

2:15:53 | Ezekiel Elliott is facing a lawsuit that may lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines that could have been avoided with a ten dollar dog leash.

2:18:53 | Seattle media personality Dori Monson is under scrutiny for his brash opinions on Twitter addressing sensitive social topics.

2:25:51 | Next time you fly into Southern California, don’t expect to arrive at John Wayne Airport as the government is changing its name.

2:27:55 | Circa Resort & Casino in Las Vegas will be the sports bettor’s paradise when it opens its doors in December! 

2:29:15 | Sacha Baron Cohen (also known as Borat) trolled attendees at right-wing rally in Olympia over the weekend.

2:30:53 | Mitch steals Scott’s thunder by noting a few recent RIPs.

2:33:06 | The wheels officially fall off the show when Scott closes out with two headlines for the juvenile mind. 


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