Max and Brett take over to begin the show by discussing some funny tidbits about their Dad. Then, Mitch and Scott chat about the ridiculous politicization of face masks and the grim outlook of pro sports returning. A trio of guests featuring Jets writer with the Associated Press Dennis Waszak Jr., college hoops coach and Len Bias’ former teammate Dave Dickerson, and face mask designer Gabby Weeks. Then, Scott is joined by his daughter Piper to discuss the ongoing cell phone debate in the house and return of youth basketball. The “Other Stuff” segment covers Jamie Foxx’s upcoming role as Mike Tyson, the origins of “you do you”, and an unfiltered opinion on Jamal Adams from a general manager perspective.


  • Dennis Waszak Jr. | AP Jets beat writer
  • Dave Dickerson | USC Upstate men’s basketball coach
  • Gabby Weeks | Charmed By Gabrielle designer


0:00 | Max and Brett Levy take the mic from Mitch to share some thoughts about their Dad on Father’s Day!

10:24 | A person’s view on mask-wearing is now becoming a key indicator of political preference.

16:20 | The guys chat about their Father’s Day weekend with family.

33:31 | There is a drop-off in notable 97s after Episode Cortez Kennedy the previous week.

39:17 | Are sports really going to ramp back up or is the latest resurgence in the virus another setback?

50:41 | GUEST: Dennis Waszak Jr. discusses the trade request made by Jets safety Jamal Adams and potential landing spots.

1:08:37 | GUEST: Dave Dickerson reflects on the death of Maryland hoops teammates Len Bias days after being drafted by the Celtics.

1:31:45 | GUEST: Idaho-based designer Gabby Weeks talks about her thriving protective face covering business as the demand has skyrocketed during the pandemic.

1:44:42 | Scott is joined by his daughter Piper on Father’s Day to explain in her own words what it’s like to have a Dad named Hotshot!

1:53:48 | Should Scott cave in and pick up a cell phone for his articulate 11-year old daughter Piper? 

1:59:04 | Daytime soap operas must go on…even if it means using blow-up dolls during love scenes. 

2:00:36 | Jamie Foxx is the perfect actor to portray Mike Tyson in the upcoming biopic of the legendary boxer.  

2:07:18 | A new phrase particularly caught Mitch’s eye among many of the recent listener emails and he has no idea where it came from.

2:15:12 | Horse racing made its return with Tiz the Law capturing the Belmont Stakes in the adjusted 2020 Triple Crown calendar.

2:18:05 | Should the Hawks aggressively pursue Jamal Adams given the monster contract that lies in his near future?

2:22:44 | A man in China claims to have “accidentally” sat on the fish that was later removed from his body by confused doctors. 

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