At the top of the show, the guys make initial remarks about the clunky finish to Monday night’s game and the regression of Carson Wentz and do a little podcast housekeeping. Then, Mitch and Scott recap their Thanksgiving weekend of food and sports viewing before delving into their takeaways from the victorious Monday Night Football contest for the Seahawks in Philadelphia. Three featured guests beginning with ESPN Hawks insider Brady Henderson for instant reaction, Larry “Ratso” Sloman to talk about Mike Tyson’s journey back into the ring, & Rick Neuheisel for a college football update. Later, the guys run down the laundry list of miscellaneous topics including Marshawn Lynch’s pre-game ritual, a funeral employee’s exhibition of poor judgement, and a Scooby Snack by Mr. Postseason!


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Larry “Ratso” Sloman | co-author of Mike Tyson autobiography Undisputed Truth
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst


0:00 | How in the world did the Hawks allow Philly to score that desperation touchdown in the final minute of Monday’s game?!

8:50 | Mitch delivers the magic code word for next weekend’s trio of Beat the Boys matchups.

9:59 | Did you have a chance to listen to Hotshot’s tribute to Phil Collins for the Patrons?

20:42 | How was your Thanksgiving? Mitch and Scott engage in a bit of turkey talk.

23:29 | Mitch recalls the story of the time he attended a Dolphins game that was serendipitously moved to Arizona.

29:33 | The guys share their thoughts on Nate Robinson’s gruesome KO by YouTube star Jake Paul & the Tyson/Jones Jr. bout.

34:07 | Mitch and Scott run down their list of takeaways from the Seahawks 23-17 win over Philadelphia.

1:02:51 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard following Monday night’s matchup against the Eagles.

1:22:32 | GUEST: Larry Sloman steps in the ring to weigh in on Mike Tyson’s return to the ring after a 15-year hiatus. 

1:51:24 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns to recap Thanksgiving week’s slate of college football matchups and provides a Heisman watch update.

2:16:25 | Funeral worker Claudio Fernandez took a selfie with deceased Diego Maradona which has gone viral and has led to his firing and massive criticism.

2:19:30 | Syracuse football was cruising to a potential heroic victory, but committed a major brain fart down the stretch. 

2:22:25 | Mr. Postseason drops by for a quick tidbit after Seattle’s win over the Eagles…don’t miss his full segment later this week!

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