At the top of the show, Scott gets in the holiday spirit by explaining how he got caught up in the overpriced Christmas decorations racket. Then, the guys discuss the dreadful Sunday afternoon at Lumen Field. Three guests beginning with ESPN Seahawks insider Brady Henderson followed by CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel and Forbes technology writer Scott Kramer. In the “Other Stuff” segment, Mitch and Scott volley a variety of topics including the Huskies stinker on Saturday, the lack of soccer talk on the radio and podcast, and the referee that was body-slammed in a high school football game! 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Scott Kramer | Forbes technology columnist


2:33 | Hotshot picked up a Christmas tree over the weekend and hung up $580 in lights…worth every penny! 

17:03 | Mitch delivers the key word for next week’s lineup of Beat the Boys matchups.

23:05 | The guys roll through the good and (mostly) bad takeaways from Seattle’s feeble loss on Sunday.

1:04:02 | GUEST: Brady Henderson breaks down the 17-12 Hawks loss against the Giants.

1:26:10 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel swing by to recap the weekend slate of college football as the regular season approaches the final stretch. 

1:49:49 | GUEST: Scott Kramer jumps aboard to share some of the notable selections in his “Holiday Gift Guide 2020” Forbes article.

2:07:34 | The Nate Robinson knockout has boxers lining up to fight Jake Paul and his brother Logan who is set to take on Floyd Mayweather!

2:10:36 | Jimmy Lake got his first taste of defeat as Stanford edged the Dawgs as double-digit underdogs.

2:14:35 | Mitch explains why he doesn’t talk about the Sounders much, or soccer in general.

2:17:08 | George Clooney confesses his usage of the Flowbee to cut his own hair for decades as one of the top male actors in Hollywood.

2:18:35 | DeMar DeRozan and Hannah Viverette encountered intruders in their homes last week. 

2:21:05 | What is the proper punishment for the high school football player that tackled the referee? 

2:24:09 | A game-worn high school basketball jersey just sold for $192,000…can you guess whose it is?

2:26:07 | RIP David Lander…aka Squiggy from Laverne & Shirley.

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