Mitch is UNFILTERED in his finger pointing for Seahawks disaster. Why was Seattle only NFL visiting team NOT to win over the weekend? Plus Russell Wilson’s contract negotiation & Rick Neuheisel chimes in on NCAA Champ Game, Huskies Rose Bowl disappointment & Jacob Eason.

Table of Contents:

8:30  Who is to blame for Seahawks loss?

23:50  To be fair…

28:44  Rick Neuheisel on his new COACHING job

31:53  Neuheisel on Clemson vs Alabama – who wins and why?

39:44  Neuheisel on Washington’s Rose Bowl performance

42:47  Neuheisel on how good Jacob Eason will be

49:42  Neuheisel on Seahawks refusing to adjust vs Cowboys

54:30  Russell Wilson contract negotiations

57:22  KJ Wright Seahawks career over?

1:00:54  Was Earl Thomas rooting for Hawks?  Where next?

1:02:18  Frank Clark’s future

1:03:56  Sebastian Janikowski and his future

1:08:38  Fluker & Sweezy

1:11:41  Clemson vs Alabama

1:13:08  Zion Williamson 360 Dunk

1:13:54  Huskies Hoops

1:17:35  Hop honors J-Ham

1:22:38  Mitch’s 16 year old son treats dad to 3 movies

1:23:35  Mitch loved the movie “VICE”



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