Mitch & J-Ham’s squabble ends in Mitch’s 1st curse word in Unfiltered history. Topics: Video of the show, changing of the guards, Clemson’s BMOC, NFL underdogs, NHL All Star game in Seattle.

Jason LaCanfora (CBS) & NFL analytics guru Warren Sharp throw Schotty under the bus. LaCanfora questions Packers coaching hire.

College basketball Jeff Goodman spells out what the Washington Huskies have to do to DANCE in March plus thoughts on several of the nations top teams.

Table of Contents:

5:20  Mitch Unfiltered on Periscope

6:25  Mitch & J-Ham argument leads to Mitch’s 1st curse word

11:50  J-Ham gets sports gambling lesson

17:15  Clemson’s big man on campus

19:38  Syracuse better than Alabama

22:06  J-Ham can’t stand Philip Rivers and Tom Brady

24:30  NFL underdogs

26:15  Mitch hates London

31:50  Jason LaCanfora criticizes Schotty, the Packers, and picks               NFL playoff games vs Mitch

48:00  Jeff Goodman (College Hoops) on Pac 12, Huskies challenge           to make tournament, Kansas, Duke, Tennessee, Virginia

1:04:45  Warren Sharp (NFL analytics) blasts Seahawks OC

1:26:50  Arizona Cardinals is a disgrace

1:30:40  NHL All-Star Game to Seattle

1:34:30  Mitch on Seattle radio for 1st time in 16 months


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