All over the map both literally and figuratively… Seattle, London, Costa Rica, Las Vegas and Indiana. 

Guests: Former NFL agent Joel Corry dissects Seahawks offseason negotiations with Russell Wilson, Frank Clark, Bobby Wagner and more. The nation’s top NCAA “Bracketologist” Dave Ommen analyzes current field of 68. Dave Mason ( recaps a wild betting NFL weekend and previews AFC & NFC Championship wagering.


Table of Contents:

0:00  J-Ham phones in from London

8:30  Mitch’s story of 1st “broadcasting” job at age 16

15:10  NFL Playoffs

17:35  James Harden 1 for 17 from 3

19:00  Wait a second, here come the Dawgs

26:50  Joel Corry (Former NFL Agent & salary cap expert)

28:24  Antonio Brown trade

30:50  Le’Veon Bell

33:24  Colts in catbird’s seat

35:15  Seahawks cap situation

36:50  Challenges of re-signing Russell Wilson

37:50  Hometown discount???

41:35  Re-signing Frank Clark

44:25  Sweezy and Fluker free agency

45:45  Bobby Wagner needs an extension

48:00  Earl Thomas’ future

52:45  BRACKETVILLE — #1 NCAA Bracketologist Dave Ommen

1:00:00  Washington Huskies chances

1:06:45  Pac12 teams in the field

1:08:30  Gonzaga current seed & chances for a 1 seed

1:10:20  Today’s number 1 seeds

1:18:39  Dave Mason – – NFL Playoff wagering, Betting Trump, The Bachelor, and the Super Bowl

1:32:50  Bizarre episode ending




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