Guests Jason LaCanfora (CBS Insider) & Gregg Bell (Tacoma News Tribune) join Mitch to discuss tons of NFL & Seahawks’ matters including the impossible image of Russell Wilson in a different uniform… plus Boeheim’s pee, Jalen Hurt’s new team, Edgar’s chances & young Mitch Levy’s gambling cartel.

Table of contents:

6:25  Jim Boeheim’s accident

11:20  Coaches using point spreads to motivate players

13:50  Washington State gambling law

17:15  Jalen Hurt to Oklahoma

19:50  Jason LaCanfora guest

25:15  LaCanfora wonders why Hawks haven’t talked contract yet with Russell Wilson and the impact of that

36:35  NFL Conf Champ game picks  Mitch 6-2, Jason 5-3

43:50  Gregg Bell guest

47:07  How did Seahawks turn it around?

51:00  What does Seahawks success mean for next year?

55:24  Offensive line turn around

58:25  Russell Wilson contract extension

1:02:40  Doug Baldwin – 1 more season?

1:04:30  Cornerbacks — good enough?

1:06:00  Shaquem Griffin problems & future

1:08:10  KJ Wright done?

1:14:08  Is Edgar in?

1:16:10  Mitch’s ill-fated College Gambling Cartel



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Comments (3)
  1. Mitch.
    Welcome back to the airways! You were the soundtrack to my morning commutes starting in ’96 when I moved to Seattle. I’ve missed your stories, your interviews and most of all, your humor. Now I can listen to you anytime, thanks to your podcasts! I’m so happy you’re back.

  2. Why did abilify to download individual episodes directly from website get removed? I used to click an episode and then download right to my office. Keep up great work mitch, nice to see you on your feet again and persevering

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