Mitch & J-Ham hate the Super Bowl matchup, love the Huskies new basketball commit and are excited for Edgar Martinez and the Hall of Fame.  Plus the worldwide debut of Mitch’s Melody “The Kicker Is A Hack” and Mitch is on the receiving end of some road rage.

Table of Contents:

7:34  Mitch’s new single “The Kicker Is A Hack”

12:40  Mitch is on the receiving end of ROAD RAGE

20:35  Knuckles or No Knuckles?

21:00  Super Bowl matchup stinks for Seahawks fans

21:30  Saints get robbed

29:15  Mitch does Travis Scott and Big Boi

36:00  Mike Hopkins reals in highest recruit in Washington history

50:45  NCAA “BRACKETVILLE” — Dave Ommen 

1:11:00  Huge week for Edgar Martinez


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