J-Ham and Mitch celebrate Edgar Martinez election to the Hall of Fame, continue discussion about the NFL crime in New Orleans and cover a plethora of topics including knuckles vs no knuckles. 

Four guests featured:  Jayson Stark (Athletic), Larry Bowa (former M’s coach), Jason LaCanfora (CBS NFL Insider), Paul Biancardi (ESPN National Basketball Recruiting Director)

Table of Contents:

0:00  What do listeners enjoy more?  Banter or Interviews

10:00  Mariano Rivera on Edgar

10:25  Musical tribute to Edgar

14:00  “Doug Williams, how long have you been a black QB?”

16:50  Knuckles beats no knuckles  52% to 48%

17:40  Edgar statistics you won’t believe!

25:20  Fallout from Saints/Rams fiasco

30:45  GUEST: Jayson Stark (HOF writer) on class of ’19

54:15  GUEST: Larry Bowa (Edgar + R Cano stories)

1:07:30  GUEST: Jason LaCanfora (CBS NFL insider)

1:34:00  GUEST: Paul Biancardi (ESPN NCAA Recruiting Director)

1:47:00  Mitch & J-Ham banter about a handful of topics

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