Mitch & J-Ham cover an enormous amount of ground. Isaiah Stewart (highest ranked commit in Huskies hoops history) discusses his decision to play for Washington. Peter King checks in from Atlanta – site of SB LIII & rips NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Dave Ommen (Bracketville) officially removes the Dawgs from the “bubble”. And Danny Kelly (NFL Draft – The Ringer) gives an early look at strengths and weaknesses of the April NFL Draft.


8:20  Mitch tries to get J-Ham to commit to Zeeks Cap Hill for SB LIII

15:00  Is Super Bowl LIII interesting?

18:30  Huskies 7-0 and surging

30:00  GUEST: Isaiah Stewart discusses choosing Washington

44:30  GUEST: Peter King from Super Bowl LIII

58:50  GUEST: Dave Ommen Bracketville on NCAA Tourney

1:17:00  GUEST: Danny Kelly (The Ringer) from the Senior Bowl with an early look at NFL Draft

1:28:44  Howard Schultz finally apologizes, takes responsibility for Sonics leaving Seattle

1:34:30  Mitch tells the story of the 1st time he met Howard Schultz

1:37:10  Why doesn’t Mitch want to like James Harden

1:44:20  Surprise


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