Mitch & J-Ham marvel at yet another Huskies’ win to move to 8-0 in the Pac 12, refuse to embrace Steve Hutchinson as a (Seahawks) Hall of Famer, stick their necks out with SB picks & discuss who’s at fault in Anthony Davis/New Orleans fiasco. PLUS J-Ham commits to join Mitch at Zeeks Pizza on SB Sunday.

Guests include Rick Neuheisel (Is Tom Brady best ever + SB Pick), Todd Fuhrman (Vegas insider on SB $$$) & Andrew Lopez (Pelicans reporter on A.D.)


4:30  Greatest number 19

6:30  Dawgs still perfect!

23:45  Rick Neuheisel on Super Bowl, Tom Brady & his pick

40:35  Todd Fuhrman (Vegas insider) on where the money is in SB 53

51:15  Andrew Lopez (N.O. Times Picayune) on Anthony Davis

1:01:00  Should N.O sports fans hate Anthony Davis?

1:06:00  Mitch & J-Ham’s say NO to potential HOF Steve Hutchinson

1:13:30  Mitch challenges Jason on Super Bowl prop contest

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