Today’s show kicks off with an explanation why Mitch and Scott are in separate houses for the recording and a Levy lottery story that is a must-listen. Then, the guys run down their laundry list of thoughts from Saturday’s game after taking a day to simmer on the painful outcome. Three guest segments beginning with a Seahawks No-Table featuring insiders Brady Henderson and Joe Fann from ESPN and NBC Sports Northwest, respectively. Then, Mitch is joined by film director Matthew Hamachek followed by MarketWatch columnist Mark DeCambre. Later, the guys wrap up with random topics including Dr. Dre’s ex-wife (again), the late Tommy LaSorda, and Marshawn Lynch’s latest business venture.


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider
  • Mark DeCambre | MarketWatch writer
  • Matthew Hamachek | “Tiger” documentary director


0:00 | The guys are socially distancing from each other due to a potential coronavirus transmission risk.

5:45 | Mitch picked up a few lotto tickets and was not the big winner, much like his Mom in a classic Levy prank story.

25:22 | The guys share their takeaways from Seattle’s wildcard loss to the Rams a day after the dust settled.

48:09 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann put a bow on the Hawks season with takeaways from the playoff loss to Los Angeles in the Seahawks No-Table.

1:15:39 | GUEST: Matthew Hamachek discusses his inspiration to create the new “Tiger” documentary and what to expect when the film is released. 

1:38:22 | GUEST: Mark DeCambre provides a brief Bitcoin historical overview and discusses the contributing factors to the recent surge in popularity.

1:52:15 | The guys play a round of Will They Be Back? to predict the future of key Seahawks free agents.

1:56:30 | After months of research, Hotshot finally reached a conclusion about Dr. Dre’s ex-wife and rumors of her being a Newport HS alum.

1:58:44 | LaMelo Ball became the youngest player to record a triple double edging out a former Washington Husky.

2:03:35 | RIP Tommy LaSorda, the first person Mitch interviewed as a young intern.

2:07:22 | Beast Mode is now a part-owner of a team in the new Fan Controlled Football League.

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