To kick off today’s show, Mitch remarks at Hotshot’s booming car speakers which he heard blaring outside upon his arrival. Then, the guys provide a brief Unfiltered Madness contest update before reacting to Seahawks free agency news followed by a humorous storyline involving Laremy Tunsil. A trio of featured guests are Cecil “DC” Glenn from Tag Team & groundbreaking GEICO commercial, former big-leaguer Calvin Murray, and NBC Sports national NFL writer Peter King. In the “Other Stuff” segment, the variety of topics range from a theme park malfunction to a stunning Bucs roster fact to the passing of a Miami football pioneer. 


  • Cecil “DC” Glenn | Tag Team 
  • Calvin Murray | MLB veteran 1999-2004 
  • Peter King | NBC Sports national NFL columnist


0:00 | Hotshot returns with his sound system blaring after being substituted by a fifteen year old last week. 

19:38 | Scott went to dinner with former Mitch in the Morning producers to relive some radio memories.

22:55 | Unfiltered Madness is nearing its conclusion and Scott’s bracket is the lead horse to limit the prize distribution. 

27:39 | John Schneider played musical chairs with his defensive line last week with Carlos Dunlap and Kerry Hyder the last men standing.

32:48 | Could the Seahawks tread water if Lockett or Metcalf got banged up and does this open a window to Antonio Brown? 

40:11 | Laremy Tunsil’s NFL career may have started out rocky, but he is having the last laugh right now. 

48:26 | GUEST: Cecil “DC” Green from hip hop group Tag Team and the hit GEICO ad jumps aboard to tell the story of the filming and reception.

1:13:16 | GUEST: Former MLB outfielder Calvin Murray swings by to recount the infamous Randy Johnson bird incident from his perspective in the batter’s box. 

1:34:41 | GUEST: Peter King checks in to discuss the top NFL offseason storylines such as the Dolphins blockbuster trade and Russell Wilson rumors.

1:55:04 | You never know what you’ll find at a yard sale, including a bowl worth a half million bucks!

1:58:54 | The Brooklyn Nets are piling up all stars like it’s going out of style.

2:04:45 | Tampa becomes the first team to return its entire starting unit for the first time in the salary cap era with the re-signing of Leonard Fournette.

2:06:44 | RIP to Grand Canyon basketball player Oscar Frayer, TV star Jessica Walter, and football coaching legend Howard Schnellenberger. 

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