At the top of the show, Scott provides the play-by-play at the end of ETL championship basketball game on Sunday followed by a Stump the Band question by Mitch. Then, they talk about Hotshot’s spat on Twitter, rules for March Madness Beat the Boys, and a few thoughts on the conflict in Ukraine and the tragic death of Katie Meyer. A trio of featured guests are former Marlins president & current podcaster David Samson, PGA golfer Joel Dahmen, and Olympic gold medalist Kaillie Humphries. Mitch and Hotshot close out the show with the “Other Stuff” segment to chat about Pete & John’s offseason wish list, the New York Liberty in hot water for a ridiculous reason, and new developments in the Trevor Bauer story! 


  • David Samson | Nothing Personal with David Samson podcast
  • Joel Dahmen | PGA Tour golfer 
  • Kaillie Humphries | Team USA gold medalist 


0:00 | Hotshot rushed back from the championship game of his daughter’s basketball team and they came up just short.

20:44 | Scott couldn’t resist but lash back at a snarky Tweet someone sent to him on Saturday. 

26:16 | Get ready for Beat the Boys NCAA tournament edition next week!

29:22 | The guys take a few moments to talk about the situation in Ukraine and the death of Stanford soccer player Katie Meyer. 

39:01 | GUEST: David Samson returns to the show to share a few stories including during his tenure as Marlins president. 

1:02:17 | GUEST: Joel Dahmen is back after baring his chest during The Honda Classic and optimism heading into the next string of tournaments . 

1:24:15 | GUEST: Olympic gold medalist Kaillie Humphries is back from Beijing to share her story from Calgary to representing Team USA. 

1:52:09 | Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features stories ranging from sound bites by Carroll & Schneider, the absurd potential punishment for a WNBA team, and the latest with Trevor Bauer’s legal battle. 

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