Danny O’Neil steps in for Scott who is in Spokane with Issaquah’s state championship tournament team. Before starting the show, Danny chats about his NCAA tournament travel plans and Mitch lays out the Beat the Boys contest rules. Then, the guys dig into the major shakeup by the Hawks and the dropped criminal charges of Deshaun Watson. Today’s guests are Brady Henderson and Joe Fann for a special edition of the Seahawks No-Table, Peter King, and ESPN’s senior Broncos writer Jeff Legwold. Mitch and wrap up the episode with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from KD trashing on the New York mayor to NFL’s broadcast lineup to Calvin Ridley’s gambling investigation!  


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider   
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet & Blue Wire podcast host 
  • Peter King | NBC Sports national NFL writer  
  • Jeff Legwold | ESPN Broncos writer  

  TABLE OF CONTENTS   1:13 | Where is Danny headed to for opening round NCAA tournament action?  6:46 | Submit your bracket entry for Beat the Boys presented by Fireside Home Solutions for fabulous prizes!   24:28 | Danny puts on his John Schneider hat to role play and answer the big questions ahead for the organization.  33:56 | Will Deshaun Watson find his way onto a team this year and how will be be received by the court of public opinion?   56:13 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann hop aboard to weigh in on the massive moves last week for the Hawks and the prospects of bringing in Deshaun Watson.  1:23:47 | GUEST: Peter King is back to provide his national perspective on the Russell trade, Watson’s legal update, and Calvin Ridley’s gambling storyline.   1:44:03 | GUEST: Broncos senior writer for ESPN Jeff Legwold shares his view of the Wilson acquisition from the Denver side .   2:02:19 | Today’s “Other Stuff” segment features stories ranging from LSU firing their coach before the tourney, Kevin Durant lashing out at the NYC mayor, and Calvin Ridley’s suspension.  

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