To kick things off, Hotshot describes the wildlife ecounter he experienced when he arrived at Mitch’s house before a round of Stump the Band to correct some mistakes from Episode 189P. Then, the guys chat about their Mother’s Day weekend, the latest violent incident involving Earl Thomas, and the crumbling of Phil Mickelson’s reputation. A four-pack of featured guests are longtime friend Matt “Stretch” Johnson, Michigan State football coach Chris Kapilovic, PGA club pro Cary Cozby, and college basketball writer Mike Decourcy. Before closing out, Mitch and Scott volley “Other Stuff” topics ranging from KJ Wright return rumors, to the car wreck involving Jerry Jones, to Fred Savage being terminated from The Wonder Years reboot.  


  • Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders broadcaster
  • Chris Kapilovic | Michigan State assistant head football coach
  • Cary Cozby | Southern Hills CC head pro
  • Mike Decourcy | Sporting News college hoops columnist


0:00 | Hotshot thought he was going to record a podcast, but ended up in the middle of a wildlife scuffle.  

26:51 | How did the guys celebrate Mothers Day with their family?

31:35 | Earl Thomas is embroiled in another domestic dispute which adds to his tragic off-the-field troubles.   

36:43 | Mitch has official put a halt to his placement of Phil Mickelson on his dislike list amidst his recent personal issues on and off the course. 

46:31 | GUEST: Stretch returns to for a friendly catch up and to put into perspective the Sounders CONCACAF victory. 

1:03:43 | GUEST: Michigan State offensive coach Chris Kapilovic joins the show to provide a scouting report of the Sehawks new tailback Kenneth Walker III. 

1:17:45 | GUEST: Southern Hills CC head pro Cary Cozby weighs in on Tiger’s recent practice round at his course as the PGA season heats up.   

1:38:46 | Mike Decourcy checks in to discuss the stepping away of Jay Wright, the latest NIL trends, and Gonzaga falling short once again.

1:58:54 | The show closes with “Other Stuff” topics such as the potential return of KJ Wright to Seattle, Jerry Jones car crash, and Fred Savage getting kicked off the reboot of The Wonder Years.   

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