At the top of the show, the guys throw pot shots at eachother for mis-speaking and also announce the Unfiltered PGA Madness tournament before playing Stump the Band. After that, they cover. Three featured guests are Jason Churchill, Wing Point head pro Austin Hurt, and Spokesman-Review columnist Jim Meehan. As always, the show wraps up with the “Other Stuff” segment where the guys chat about excerpts from the new Phil biography, an emergency plane landing, and an unlikely Anthony Rendon homer.  


  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider Mariners writer
  • Austin Hurt | Wing Point Golf & Country Club head pro
  • Jim Meehan | The Spokesman-Review Gonzaga writer


2:11 | Mitch got slammed on Twitter for a comment about KJR.  

7:54 | Per tradition, the guys include Stump the Band in the tease segment.

31:24 | Looking at the NFL schedule isn’t as fun when your team stinks.   

38:36 | Will Russell get cheers or boos when he returns to Seattle in week one. 

52:37 | GUEST: Jason Churchill returns to weigh in on the state of the M’s including the Kelenic option and current road trip. 

1:21:23 | GUEST: Head pro at Wing Point on Bianbridge Island Austin Hurt jumps aboard to share his story to becoming a PGA Championship qualifier. 

1:45:15 | GUEST: Jim Meehan returns to discuss the early departure in the NCAA tourney for the Zags and what’s next for the program.   

2:07:10 | The show wraps up with the “Other Stuff” segment to chat about snippets from the Mickelson bio, a shocking plane landing in Florida, and an impressive home run for Anthony Rendon.   

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