After a week break, Mitch and Hotshot reunite by beginning with two Stump the Band questions before jumping into the Unfiltered mailbag. Then, they chat about a fight among MLB players about fantasy sports, the hot-and-cold Mariners, Seahawks ownership options, and NFL quarterbacks looking for teams. Three featured guests are Tracy Taylor-Turner, Randy Mueller, & Mark Radetic also known as “Michelob Ultra Guy”. The episode closes out with the “Other Stuff” segment with stories such people ignoring police officers, a coincidental hole-in-one story, and a free couch full of money.


  • Tracy Taylor-Turner | Former KJR & KIRO traffic reporter
  • Randy Mueller | NFL Executive of the Year (2000)
  • Mark Radetic | “Michelob Ultra Guy”


0:00 | The show starts with a pre-tease to honor the innocent lives lost in the recent tragedy in Texas.

4:43 | Mitch hits Hotshot with two Stump the Band questions with the topics of tennis and film.

26:46 | Lots of little stories popped up the past few weeks including a fight among MLB players over fantasy sports, Seahawks ownership rumors, and NFL quarterback news.

49:04 | GUEST: Longtime Seattle traffic reporter & current Tracy Taylor-Turner jumps aboard with Mitch and Scott to share some memories from her career at KJR and KIRO.

1:27:13 | GUEST: Mules returns for an offseason football chat to discuss the Russell trade, the Deshaun Watson situation, and rising receiver salaries.

1:48:17 | GUEST: Mark Radetic joins the show to chat about the viral Tiger photo from the PGA Championship that earned him the nickname “Michelob Ultra Guy”.

2:01:37 | “Other Stuff” topics include neglected traffic stops, a golf story that is hard to believe, and a nomination for Good Samaritan of the Week.

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