At the top of the show, Mitch quizzes Scott with a Stump the Band question about women’s hoops before opening the listener mailbag. Then, Mitch chats about his spontaneous M’s game on Saturday night with the family before discussing the controversial LIV League in corrupt Saudi Arabia. A trio of guests are longtime golf writer Rick Reilly, Mariners insider Jason Churchill, & former Navy pilot Doug Lito. The show wraps up with “Other Stuff” topics ranging from the Broncos sale to Walmart heir, the Space Needle suing a local coffee company, and a lawsuit against GEICO you won’t believe! 


  • Rick Reilly | So Help Me Golf author  
  • Jason Churchill | Prospect Insider Mariners writer 
  • Doug Lito | Former Navy pilot & current film actor 


1:41 | As usual, Mitch tests Hotshot with a Stump the Band question: this week’s topic is women’s basketball records. 

23:40 | Mitch decided to take the family to T-Mobile Park on a whim Saturday night and has tons of observations to share.

37:05 | The guys discuss how top PGA golfers are joining the LIV League in Saudi Arabia which has widespread human rights violations. 

47:14 | GUEST: Golf writer Rick Reilly joins the show to reflect on golf memories and weigh in on Phil Mickelson’s turmoil in recent years. 

1:18:40 | GUEST: Jason Churchill hops back on the show to react to the Sox series and look ahead to the remainder of the 2022 season including rising prospects. 

1:40:13 | GUEST: Doug Lito shares his story from a teenager seeing Top Gun to a Navy pilot and actor in the Top Gun: Maverick

1:57:28 | Today’s “Other Stuff” stories include the Denver Broncos ownership change, the Space Needle bullying a local coffee company, and a crazy lawsuit against GEICO. 

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