At the top of the show, the guys assess the sanitary implications of M’s fans putting rally shoes on their heads before Mitch shares the Beat the Boys password! Next, they share their takeaways from the series against Houston as the M’s season comes to a close and a promising future ahead. Five featured guests are Jason Churchill and Slickhawk for the Mariners No-Table, Seahawks No-Table members Brady Henderson and Joe Fann, and Rick Neuheisel. They wrap up with the “Other Stuff” with stories ranging from the Hawks win against Arizona, Byron Allen buying a nine-digit house, and a hole-in-one controversy!


  • Jason Churchill | Baseball Things & Prospect Insider
  • Matt Mikolas | Shootin’ the Shit With Slick & Mitch
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN’s NFL Nation Seahawks reporter
  • Joe Fann | WynnBet
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst


6:28 | The password for the upcoming week of Beat the Boys games is shared by Mitch.

14:55 | Mitch and Hotshot discuss the loss to the Astros in game three and the outlook ahead for the M’s.

41:01 | GUEST: Jason Churchill and Slickhawk join Mitch moments after the M’s fall to Houston in game three against to end the season. 

1:04:55  | GUEST: Brady and Joe convene with Mitch to chat about the strong defensive effort by the Hawks on Sunday against Arizona.

1:29:24 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel returns after an exciting weekend of college football with Bama falling and Utah outlasting USC.

1:58:23 | The guys conclude with the “Other Stuff” segment to chat about the Seahawks win on Sunday, Byron Allen’s $100 million Malibu mansion, and a car dealership squelching on a contest.

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