In honor of Episode 23 (Michael Jordan), Mitch’s longtime friend joins the fray to tell the story of hosting MJ for 2 days during 1996 NBA Finals. Mitch & J-Ham fight about Matt Kuchar’s caddy gratuity. Plus an investigative report on the failure of the Pac 12 Networks, a trip to Bracketville AND 2 more old Mitch stories that will make you giggle!


Episode 23

8:15  Mitch & J-Ham argue about Matt Kuchar’s tip to caddy

24:20  Who should we name episode 23 after?

27:00  Reaction to Ep 22 and listener mail

31:50  GUEST Jon Wilner – Pac 12 Networks Failing

49:50  GUEST John Bracken – crazy story of hosting Michael Jordan in Seattle in 1996 during NBA Finals

1:13:45  GUEST Dave Ommen – Bracketville – NCAA Tourney seeding update with 28 days to go

1:32:45  Why did Mitch hate podcasts?

1:35:45  The John Feinstein falling out

1:41:00  Mitch’s unbelievable story of Shawn Chibeau

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  1. Thanks Mitch for reading my tweet about CJ. Can’t wait to here about the story you have. And please don’t let it be about Wheeler in a thing. Lol

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