Mitch & J-Ham have to decide between Griffey & Mays… or do they?  J-Ham has a new Twitter profile picture. Zion Williamson hurts his knee. The Dawgs bag Pac-12 win number 12. Should the Seahawks trade their first round pick for Antonio Brown? Plus Mitch loses his producer in the Windy City… where could she be?


Episode 24

7:45  Griffey or Mays?

16:25  Listener comments — Ep 23 more popular than Ep 22

21:50  Dawgs do it again on D

29:00  Zion goes down

32:25  J-Ham changes Twitter profile pic

33:50  Would you trade 21st pick for Antonio Brown?

41:00  GUEST: Steve Phillips on Griffey/Mays, Machado, Harper

59:15  GUEST: Scott Eden  “How Tim Donaghy conspired to fix NBA games.”

1:32:20  MITCH STORY: I lost my producer in Chicago!

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