Mitch’s take on Robert Kraft’s arrest, Jim Boeheim’s fatal accident & decision to coach his team vs Duke and J-Ham floods Portland’s Benson Hotel. 

Plus much more including Lil J-Ham, Zion’s return, the story behind the podcast’s opening music and 2 terrific guests: Dave Ommen (Bracketville) on the stretch run to Selection Sunday & Jeffrey Paternostro (Baseball Prospectus) on the updated M’s farm system ranking.

Table of contents:

5:40  Lil J-Ham at the Slam Dunk contest

11:40  Should we ditch naming the episodes after athletes?

15:45  Bonds or Richard Sherman

30:15  Reaction to Tim Donaghy story on Ep 24

35:40  Zion Williamson’s old shows & decision to play

45:10  Mitch uncomfortable talking about Robert Kraft

51:26  Jim Boeheim’s tragic accident & decision to coach vs Duke

1:00:20  GUEST Dave Ommen (Bracketville) on 13-1 Huskies & seeding storylines on the stretch run to Selection Sunday

1:23:10  GUEST Jeffrey Paternostro (Baseball Prospectus) on updated ranking of Mariners farm system

1:38:44  Fool in the Rain opening music story

1:44:06  J-Ham floods Portland’s Benson Hotel

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