Jason D Hamilton’s wife Michelle makes her “Mitch Unfiltered” debut to respond to her husband’s delivery of the Benson Hotel flooding controversy. Plus John Schneider’s state of the Seahawks address at the NFL Combine, Mitch sticks his neck out on Huskies’ NCAA seed, and discusses the possibility (or lack thereof) of KJR personalities visiting “Mitch Unfiltered”.


14:35  Mitch offer to unblock Twitter accounts

17:35  Episode 26  — Wade Boggs or Rod Woodson

27:12  Mitch has former Sonics owner Barry Ackerley to thank for his KJR job

33:33  J-Ham calls Mitch a “chore” and blasts him for his texting technique

38:30  Mitch goes out on an NCAA limb about Huskies seeding

48:40  John Schneider talks at NFL Combine; Mitch/J-Ham react

58:30  Will Hugh Millen (or other KJR personalities) be on podcast

59:45  Russell Westbrook complains about kid touching him

1:07:50  GUEST  J-Ham’s wife Michelle gives her side to The Benson Hotel flooding fiasco 

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  1. Mitch “the chore” Levy and Jason D. “the offender” Hamilton…..so darn funny. My wife now is a patreon in her own right and said “have you listened to episodes 25 and 26? Those two are hilarious.” Spreading marital bliss all over the “pod verse.”

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