To kick things off, the guys talk about “the fight”…not the Jake Paul one, rather the donnybrook between Tim Anderson and Jose Ramirez before previewing the Mitch Unfiltered football season show lineup. Next, Mitch and Hotshot chat about former Seafair broadcaster Pat O’Day, the failed Dee Eskridge experiment, the scorching hot M’s, and the PAC-12 collapse. Three guest segments are local former MLB ballplayer Travis Snider, On Montlake writer Christian Caple, & the Hawkblogger Brian Nemhauser. Stories in the “Other Stuff” segment range from an entertaining announcement made by an American Airlines pilot, Taylor Swift’s undeniable likeability, and the unusual request for Beyonce’s concert tour!     


  • Travis Snider | MLB veteran 08-15 & Kirkland native
  • Christian Caple | On Montlake & Say Who, Say Pod
  • Brian Nemhauser | Hawk Blogger


0:00 | The fight of Saturday night was the brawl between Tim Anderson and knockout artist Jose Ramirez. 

18:15 | Seafair always reminds the guys of the indelible Pat O’Day and the many stories working with him. 

22:23 | It appears the Dee Eskridge era can officially be classified as a total flop.

25:25 | The Mariners swept the Angels in Anaheim and can’t seem to lose these days even if they try. 

30:06 | UW and Oregon were in a similar situation as Alex Rodriguez in their decision to join the BIG10.

46:27 | GUEST: Former big leaguer from Kirkland Travis Snider shares his highlights and obstacles during his baseball career from little league to the show.

1:20:10 | GUEST: Christian Caple is back to share the details and his analysis of UW & Oregon leaving the PAC12 for the BIG10.

1:44:09 | GUEST: Brian Nemhauser joins the podcast for the first time to chat about the rise of popularity in his blog and the outlook for the 2023 Seahawks.

2:09:06 | The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as the viral rant by an airline pilot to the passengers, the kind acts by the ultra-popular Taylor Swift, and Beyonce’s personal toilet requests!

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