At the top of the show, Mitch explains the statistical rarity of the Mariners game which he attended last night before the guys open the listener mailbag. Then, they chat about the underrated Boeing Classic, the subpar weekend for the Mariners, and George Kirby’s rising Cy Young chances. A trio of featured guests are Northeast Seattle Little League head coach Christian Shewey, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and former Wazzu quarterback and current broadcaster Alex Brink. The “Other Stuff” segment features topics such as “Lefty’s” longtime sports gambling addiction, the financial implications of Magic’s first shoe deal, and Lionel Richie upsetting his fans with a late cancellation of his show!     


  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Christian Shewey | Northeast Seattle Little League head coach, Shewey Family Dentistry, UW catcher 1993-1996
  • Alex Brink | Former WSU quarterback & CFL veteran


0:00 | Since 1913, no pitcher has tossed a 9-inning shutout and lost…until Saturday night at T-Mobile Park.

4:57 | Lots of positivity flowing from the listeners in this week’s batch of emails.

19:43 | It’s a shame The Boeing Classic has dropped in attendance given the quality of play. 

23:35 | As expected, the Mariners found a way to “Felix” it on Saturday on the same night they honored The King. 

31:10 | It is wild to think George Kirby’s odds to win the AL Cy Young Award were 66:1 earlier this year!

37:28 | GUEST: Former Husky catcher and current dentist Christian Shewey chats about his Northeast Seattle Little League team bound for the World Series.

58:38 | GUEST: Brady Henderson hops aboard following the Seahawks first preseason game to discuss takeaways and the status of key personnel. 

1:22:19 | GUEST: Washington State Cougar legend Alex Brink shares some memories from his career and discusses the uncertain future for WSU athletics.

1:51:19 | “Other Stuff” stories range from Phil Mickelson’s notorious gambling history, to Magic Johnson’s regrettable shoe contract, to Lionel Richie’s late concert cancellation!

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