Today’s episode kicks off with Mitch telling a story about former Royals pitcher Mark Gubicza before a brief teaser about the M’s final stretch of regular season games and a reading of listener emails. Next, Mitch and Hotshot chat about the Mariners broadcast on Peacock with familiar voices in an unfamiliar tone, the playoff picture for the M’s, and Julio’s historic hitting streak.  Three guest segments are with CBS Sports college football analyst Rick Neuheisel, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, and longtime fried of the show Jason La Canfora in Baltimore. “Other Stuff” segment stories range from Sage Steele calling out Barbara Walters for assault, an arrest at the Denver International Airport of a man with an axe, and the introduction of Taylor Swift classes at major universities!   


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | Seahawks NFL Nation reporter
  • Jason La Canfora | 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore 


0:00 | Mitch wants no part of the Kansas City Royals and it reminds him of a story involving rotisserie baseball and Mark Gubicza in 1986.

5:39 | Get your tickets to the final stretch of the regular season at TMobile Park!

26:49 | The Mariners broadcast on Peacock had an unusual tone with Dave Sims trying to present himself as unbiased.

32:42 | The Mariners are no longer Houston’s little brother in the AL West!

34:20 | Julio’s four-game stretch of red-hot hitting is re-writing the record books and influencing the rest of the M’s lineup. 

48:17 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel is back with college football season ready for kickoff and a chance to catch up on the conference shakeup from the offseason.

1:15:29 | GUEST: Brady Henderson jumps aboard with preseason game two in the books and plenty of takeaways heading into the final exhibition against Green Bay. 

1:46:11 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora returns to weigh in on the King Felix social media kerfuffle and some predictions across the NFL .

2:10:11 | The “Other Stuff” segment features stories such as allegations about Barbara Walters elbowing Sage Steele, an ax-wielding man at the Denver airport, and college courses dedicated to Taylor Swift!

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