Episode “Jackie Robinson” begins with J-Ham explaining how his weekend plans were derailed. Mitch had quite an eventful Saturday of his own involving a former Sonics star. The guys react to game two of the NBA Finals including President Obama’s sleek outfit of choice in the arena. Then, they revisit the continued Malik McDowell lawsuit and his recent Twitter tirade. The guys get a hearty laugh about the stunning heavyweight boxing victory by Andy Ruiz who probably can’t even put on the championship belt. Later, Mitch is joined by Steven Elliott who talks about his heroic and tragic autobiographical account War Story. Gerald McCoy’s prospects of landing in Seattle have dissolved, is this a big miss by the Hawks front office? The lowly Mariners made a trade over the weekend and it doesn’t move anyone’s needle although two baseball statistics may raise your eyebrows.


Steven Elliott – Former Army Ranger & author of War Story which chronicles the friendly fire which killed Pat Tillman he claims responsibility for.


6:52 | Mitch’s round of golf with a Sonics legend takes a nosedive down the stretch.

21:10 | Warriors take game 2 in Toronto in front of a leather-jacket clad Barack Obama.

23:00 | Malik McDowell lashes out on Twitter as the lawsuit by the Hawks to recoup his bonus drags on. 

26:42 | Hank Haney’s crass prediction came to fruition at the LPGA U.S. Open.

29:30 | Mitch unveils his nominees for Athletes of the Week – UCLA’s ace, a sneaky wide receiver, and a tubby boxer.

41:24 | Retired Army Ranger Steven Elliott known for the source of friendly fire that took the life of Pat Tillman discusses his latest book War Story that describes the repercussions of his life-changing incident.

1:17:23 | Reminder that the Mitch Unfiltered Evening at Daniel’s Broiler is coming up and details about golfing with Mitch to raise funds for the YMCA…a win-win!

1:20:55 | The Seahawks are no longer in the Gerald McCoy sweepstakes, big deal or not?

1:23:32 | Why is ESPN so fixated on adding Peyton to the Monday Night Football booth?

1:26:17 | Jay Bruce heading to Philly and nobody gives a damn.

1:28:56 | Mitch spills the beans about how his round of golf with Jack Sikma ended on Saturday.


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