Mitch is joined by an old pal for Episode 43, former board operator “Hot Shot Scott” Scott Soden. The guys hash out how they originally met and the landscape around the studio when they first got started in radio. Then, they discuss the powerful interview in Episode 42 with Steven Elliott author of War Story and the challenges our American heroes face when returning from duty. The guys chat about the front row fiascos involving Beyoncé and Nicole Curran & Kyle Lowry & Mark Stevens during the NBA Finals. Then, Mitch is joined by Mariners draftee Austin Shenton, Phil Barber from The Press Democrat in the Bay Area, and MLB 1st rounder from Lakeside HS Corbin Carroll. Finally, Mitch makes his U.S. Open pick and the guys close out by recalling some of the notable (and mostly uncomfortable) moments during the early days of the radio show!


Austin Shenton | Mariners 5th round draft pick & Bellingham native

Phil Barber | Sports columnist for The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa)

Corbin Carroll | D’Backs 1st round pick from Lakeside High School


0:04 | Wait a sec, you’re not J-Ham, but you look very familiar sitting over there in the co-host chair for Episode 43!

14:35 | Reaction to the interview with Steven Elliott in Episode 42 which describes the battle many soldiers face when returning home from battle.

31:03 | Reminders to get in your picks for the Unfiltered Majors Challenge & to sign up for the Evening at Daniel’s Broiler this Wednesday at!

33:03 | An exchange with a polite (and funny!) older gentlemen at The Issaquah Café got Mitch thinking about the massive shift in the way people communicate in modern society.

37:34 | Naming of the show (whether you like it or not!)  

40:17 | Beyoncé dishes out a mean stink-eye to Warriors owner’s wife Nicole Curran and it was all caught on camera.

44:51 | Warriors minority owner Mark Stevens can’t keep his hands to himself when Kyle Lowry crashes into the first row and pays the piper for it.

54:14 | New Mariner Austin Shenton shares his inspiring story from humble roots in Bellingham to playing college ball in Florida then drafted by his favorite team as a kid.

1:16:20 | Longtime columnist for the Santa Rosa Press Democrat Phil Barber weighs in on the push by Mark Stevens on Kyle Lowry. Was the punishment dealt by the league appropriate?

1:39:44 | MLB 1st round pick for the Arizona Diamondbacks from Lakeside High School Corbin Carroll talks about his baseball journey thus far and what lies ahead in his quest to the big leagues.

1:55:48 | Who does Mitch select to win the U.S. Open which begins this Thursday at Pebble Beach? 

1:57:33 | Mitch tells a classic story back in the early radio days about the angriest he ever saw Mike Gastineau.

2:04:13 | Hot Shot Scott just had to bring up the “Sean McDonough” incident which ranks high on the all-time awkward list.

2:10:58 | The guys recall an interview many years ago with Robert Shapiro that had a lasting impact and made Mitch’s Father proud.

2:13:14 | Scott shares a story about the horrendous interview he had with Leigh Steinberg which clearly demonstrated the agent’s lack of broadcasting acumen.

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