Mitch & J-Ham tee off today’s episode with reaction to the U.S. Open which featured a first-time major winner, a near-three peat, and some frowned-upon behavior by some of golf’s biggest names. With three down and one to go, the guys update you on the standings of the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge. Guests include 9/11 first responder Rob Serra, ESPN NBA writer Kevin Pelton, & author Anya Kamenetz. Later, they dive into the Anthony Davis trade & how the Lakers fit into the list of contenders next season. Also, the guys pull out their crystal ball to predict how Golden State management will handle the contracts of their two injured stars. Finally, Jason D. makes an announcement that will shake things up on Mitch Unfiltered.


Rob Serra | 9/11 first responder & advocate for the Victim Compensation Fund

Kevin Pelton | Seattle-based NBA writer for ESPN 

Anya Kamenetz | Author of The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life


7:07 | How did Movie Mogul Max’s mitigation letter for “the rolling stop” turn out?

15:40 | Episode 44 – let’s name it!

18:28 | Gary Woodland keeps his composure down the stretch to fend off Brooks Koepka who played with what looked like a wad of tobacco in his mouth in the 119th U.S. Open. 

25:36 | Golfers behaving badly: Patrick Reed releases inner Bo Jackson after errant shot and Spieth lashes out at caddy.

31:45 | Update on the Mitch Unfiltered Majors Challenge.

36:26 | Jon Stewart blasts Congress for not extending the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund.

45:10 | 9/11 first responder Rob Serra shares his heroic story at Ground Zero and the lifechanging impact it has had nearly two decades later.

1:00:54 | ESPN’s Kevin Pelton weighs in on the trade sending Anthony Davis to the Lakers for Ball, Ingram, Hart, and the number four pick in the draft. Will it pay off for LA? 

1:14:49 | Author Anya Kamenetz discusses parenting strategies in the digital age outlined in her book The Art of Screen Time: How Your Family Can Balance Digital Media and Real Life.

1:26:20 | The Unibrow & King James unite in Lala-land – are they instant title favorites next season?

1:30:25 | The Warriors front office has a major dilemma on their hands…what’s next for KD & Klay? 

1:32:28 | J-Ham makes an announcement that will impact Mitch Unfiltered moving forward.

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