RUNDOWN Episode number fifty! Well…sort of. Today’s show features Part 1 of a two-part interview of Mitch with Hotshot Scott as the moderator. Before they delve in, they hit a few quick topics including the Jarran Reed suspension and Earl Thomas’ comments about his infamous departure from the Hawks. Football analyst Ross Tucker weighs in on the NFL’s complicated policies regarding the reprimanding of players. From there, the stage is all Hotshot’s and he starts with asking Mitch about his family of origin. They proceed to his experience at Syracuse and first jobs in broadcasting Mitch pursued. Mixed in are fun stories and the standard dose of banter you’d expect in the fifty (or so) episodes of Mitch Unfiltered thus far. Keep an ear out for Part 2 coming soon!

GUEST Ross Tucker | NFL analyst

TABLE OF CONTENTS 3:04 | The guys set the stage for Part 1 of a two-part interview of Mitch by Hotshot Scott.

8:13 | Candidates for naming Episode 50 are revealed and they are much more prominent than a few in the high-40s!

25:32 | Did the league office handle Jarran Reed’s suspension properly?

36:59 | How will Earl Thomas’ recent comments that reinforce his intent to aim his middle finger at Pete affect his relationship with the Seahawks organization down the road?

48:41 | Ross Tucker shares his opinion on the NFL league office and its inconsistency with the suspensions it assigns to players for various offenses. 

1:03:11 | The interview of Mitch begins where it should…the Levy household in South Florida.

1:06:48 | Mitch describes how his Mother made great sacrifices for her family and his gratitude for how she approached living in a household of competitive boys.

1:10:14 | A passion for his craft, Mitch’s Father was a successful lawyer whose zeal was evident in all facets of life.

1:12:43 | What drew Mitch to Syracuse and become his university of choice?

1:19:59 | Scott hits reverse in his line of interview questions and asks Mitch about his high school days.

1:24:06 | When did broadcasting become the career choice Mitch was captivated by?

1:27:57 | Mitch discusses his first jobs and ties in a classic Rodney Dangerfield story.

1:35:30 | When did Mitch catch his “big break” and how do Don Rickles and Larry King fit in that window of time?

1:56:18 | A memorable Levy family vacation finds its way into the progression of the interview.

2:01:45 | What led to Mitch crossing paths with Tony Kornheiser in his early years of broadcasting?

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