Mitch begins today’s show with a question and a reminder about fantasy football. The guys share a thought on the tragic news in El Paso & Dayton of senseless shootings that has resulted in numerous deaths. Today’s laundry list includes revisiting the LeBron discussion in Episode 50P, the lowly M’s, 2019 NFL HOF Class, and Tom Brady’s latest contract news. Today’s guests include NBC Sports National NFL writer Peter King and Seahawks writer for ESPN Brady Henderson. From there, the floor is Hotshot’s to continue with Mitch on Part 3 of “The Interview”. Finally, the guys wrap up with a new twist to the discussion of transgender athletes in sports, the news about teenage esports sensation Ninja, and make the final call for a tough Episode naming for #51.


  • Peter King | NBC Sports national NFL writer
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider


0:00 | Mitch has a fantasy football question for Hotshot and also reminds YOU to sign up for the draft party at Daniel’s Broiler on September 3rd. 

14:20 | Number 51 has some strong candidates for the naming of today’s episode including a few notable local yokels.

18:52 | The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton this weekend are unexplainable acts that invoke questions that currently do not have an answer.

26:34 | Scott & Mitch revisit the topic of LeBron’s outlandish behavior at his son’s basketball games which was discussed in length during Episode 50P.

31:18 | Is the Hawks defense poised for a substantial dip in 2019?

38:05 | The Mariners are victims of another no-hitter for the second time in less than a month. We are all screaming “uncle” here in Seattle with this team.

38:47 | The NFL Hall of Fame class of 2019 was loaded…perhaps they could have suited up and given the Falcons and Broncos a run for their money!

39:54 | Mitch presents a metaphor about the Brady household in the wake of Tom’s latest contract extension.

41:11 | Athlete of the Week is revealed and the story is like something you would only see in a movie. Go to the Mitch Unfiltered Facebook page for more!

44:32 | Peter King gets you set for the NFL season by recapping the top offseason storylines and addressing the current hot topics across the league.

1:06:21 | Brady Henderson recaps the Hawks scrimmage on Saturday as they get set for their preseason opener.

1:26:53 | Part 3 of Hotshot’s interview of Mitch which covers an extensive progression of Mitch’s career ultimately setting up a final installment to follow.

2:07:59 | The topic of addressing rules for participation of transgender athletes in sports makes headlines again on the hardwood.

2:13:46 | Hotshot explains what “Ninja Ditches Twitch for Mixer” means.

2:18:22 | Episode 51 is named after much consternation. 


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