Mitch is fired up to start today’s jam-packed episode by rebutting a recent comment made by Producer Steve, calling out a trio of Unfiltered Fantasy Football squelchers, and ranting on a fantasy draft faux pas. Then, the guys chat about the announcement of Jacob Eason earning the starting quarterback role for the Huskies which has led to runner-up Jake Haener leaving the program. Mitch and Scott also react to Saturday’s preseason Seahawks game which featured extended play for starters and critical snaps leading up to the final cutdown. Guests include NBC Sports NFL writer Peter King on Andrew Luck’s unexpected retirement announcement, Seahawks insider Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel to welcome in the college football season, and former MLB pitcher turned analytics and wagering specialist Michael Schwimer of Other topics include the budding rivalry between Chick-Fil-A and Popeye’s, Russell Wilson’s investment in the Sounders, and an ill-advised Tweet by the owner of Jimmy John’s.


  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL writer
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | SEC football commentator with CBS & former college coach
  • Michael Schwimer | Former MLB pitcher & founder of 


0:00 | Hotshot recaps his weekend fun at Lake Sammamish to a geographically-challenged Mitch.

3:20 | The college football season started off with a bang as the Florida/Miami showdown drew ESPN’s highest rating since 2016.

14:45 | Mitch presents a rebuttal to a particular comment made by Producer Steve in Episode 53-P.

19:10 | The guys list the nominees to name the show after. Does our beloved 54 on the Seahawks ultimately earn the title at the end?

21:10 | Mitch is pissed at a few listeners and also rehashes his annual rant on proper fantasy football draft date selection.

30:20 | Coach Pete picked his Jacob that will trot onto the field to begin the 2019 campaign which led to another Jacob leaving the program.

36:41 | Where does Andrew Luck’s retirement decision rank among shocking sports stories in recent years? 

42:53 | Mitch & Scott chat about the standout performances in the third preseason Seahawks game.

51:44 | Peter King hops on to discuss the legacy of Andrew Luck in the wake of his sudden retirement over the weekend.

1:11:00 | Brady Henderson weighs in on the performance of the Hawks starters on Saturday and projections for the final roster spot allocations.

1:38:23 | Rick Neuheisel is back as the college football season is officially underway. Which teams can vie for a national title and who will emerge in the PAC-12?

2:05:00 | Former MLB pitcher Michael Schwimer shares his transition to becoming a prominent figure in sports analytics and wagering through his website

2:28:21 | Reminder to the Patrons that the third Unfiltered Fantasy Football Roundtable installment is set to be released on Wednesday morning for a look at WR/TE.

2:29:01 | The PGA Tour Championship staff clearly did not consult Steve Pool in their planning on Saturday in Atlanta.

2:30:18 | Russell Wilson’s rationale for becoming a stakeholder in the Sounders ownership group is bizarre. 

2:33:09 | Hotshot is curious about Mitch’s outlook on the Little League World Series.

2:36:43 | The founder of Jimmy John’s may regret posting a photo of himself posing with a dead elephant if he sees his hoagie sales take a nose dive.

2:40:53 | The battle between Chick-Fil-A and Popeye’s is starting to heat up!

2:42:57 | There are some arguments where the right answer is so clear, it isn’t even a debate…Seinfeld vs. Friends is one of them.

2:46:26 | A decision is finally made for the naming of Episode 54.

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