Episode 55 kicks off with initial thoughts to the Seahawks taking over national sports headlines in their acquisition of Jadeveon Clowney. Before fully delving into football chatter, Mitch gets sappy about something he saw during the U.S. Open. Then, Mitch & Scott react to the surprising Hawks roster moves that took place this weekend. Also covered in the first segment are Jacob Eason’s stellar Husky debut and Justin Verlander’s no-hitter which reminded Mitch of something less pleasing to the eye. Guests include Texans writer for The Athletic Aaron Reiss and Hawks insider Brady Henderson to share both sides of the Jadeveon Clowney trade. Also, UW play-by-play announcer Tony Castricone drops in to discuss the Dawgs home opener vs. Eastern. Later, Mitch shares something he hates about Twitter and a few items he likes and Hotshot has trouble with matching names to the right people. Finally, the guys articulate their emotions as the news of Tyler Skaggs death recently surfaced and close out with takeaways to week one of the college football season.


  • Aaron Reiss | Texans writer for The Athletic
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks writer
  • Tony Castricone | Washington Huskies Play by Play 


0:00 | Mitch has a theory about football numbers and the type of players that should be wearing them.

3:54 | The guys share tricks of the trade to easily access Mitch Unfiltered anywhere with football season underway!

14:15 | The list of notable 55s is presented as candidates for the naming of today’s episode.

15:55 | Mitch gets sappy about something he saw in professional tennis over the weekend.

21:25 | Jadeveon Clowney is a Seahawk!

30:40 | Surprised about the Hawks linebacker crew that made the cut?

33:45 | Justin Verlander tossed his third no-hitter joining an elite company, but an infamous Tweet that surfaced years ago is Mitch’s lasting memory of the Astros ace.

38:49 | Jacob Eason captured the imagination of Husky fans with his debut performance on Saturday against Eastern Washington.

46:05 | Aaron Reiss weighs in on the Jadeveon Clowney deal from a Houston perspective and the other roster moves the Texans made.

1:03:09 | Brady Henderson checks in to discuss the final roster heading into week one and the blockbuster deal that brings Jadeveon Clowney to Seattle. 1:27:18 | Tony Castricone shares the sights and sounds from the booth at Husky Stadium on Saturday in the home opener for the Dawgs. 1:45:25 | Mitch shares his latest likes and dislikes on Twitter.

1:50:02 | Scott reveals some recent brain-farts he has had with names.  

1:52:12 | The autopsy results of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs create a mix of emotions that are difficult to articulate and make sense of.

1:57:45 | Jalen Hurts dominated in his first game as a Sooner and Mitch is sick of Clemson/Alabama.

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