The show begins with an unexpected encounter Mitch recently experienced which he hadn’t before. Then, the guys place Saturday night’s loss to Stanford in perspective in terms of Petersen’s career at UW. Also, Mitch and Scott continue the conversation of the Seahawks dramatic victory on Thursday. Guests include Rick Neuheisel, Brady Henderson, ESPN writer Dan Murphy, and Dallas Morning News reporter LaVendrick Smith. Other topics include Percy Harvin’s locker room confession, the optics of postgame pleasantries between NFL players, and Penny Hardaway’s bold prediction. Finally, the Episode is dedicated to a special family and makes a call to action against a horrific disease. 


  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Dan Murphy | ESPN writer
  • LaVendrick Smith | Dallas Morning News reporter


2:22 | Mitch had a first-time experience while at the batting cages with his son last week.

19:43 | The podcast has reached Episode 60 and the list of naming rights candidates will be rather slim for awhile as the guys sift through NFL lineman of yesteryear.

22:58 | Chris Petersen’s Huskies were outplayed by Stanford in all phases of the game during Saturday’s disaster on The Farm.

29:40 | Did you bask in the glory of the Hawks win on Thursday night while watching the rest of the league slug it out on Sunday? 

41:10 | Percy Harvin comes clean about rumors during his days in Seattle.

45:25 | Would the acquisition of Jalen Ramsey transform the Seahawks from a postseason threat to a championship contender?

52:29 | Rick Neuheisel reviews last week’s slate of college football action including UW’s embarrassing loss to the Cardinal.

1:12:10 | Brady Henderson joins Mitch to relive the magic at CenturyLink Field on Thursday night featuring another MVP caliber performance by Russ and an unlikely missed kick to seal the deal. 

1:33:41 | Dan Murphy checks in to chat about the Fair Pay to Play initiative which would allow student athletes to receive payment for name, image, and likeness and receive compensation for participation in sports.

1:51:37 | LaVendrick Smith provides the details of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger’s murder trial which resulted in the death of neighbor Botham Jean.

2:15:50 | The Seahawks didn’t score a rushing touchdown against the Rams, but that won’t stop Mitch from making a trip to Taco Time this Tuesday!

2:19:00 | Hotshot was recently listening to the audio of the 1991 Rose Bowl with the Huskies and somehow it turns into him taking a cheap shot at Mitch’s beloved Dolphins.

2:24:47 | Penny Hardaway has some high hopes for his Memphis Tigers squad this season – are his expectations justified?

2:28:29 | Were you put off by the exchange of jerseys by Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray postgame and do these jovial encounters rub you the wrong way?

2:33:09 | Mitch confesses that Lonzo Ball’s announcement that he is not on speaking terms with his wacky dad Lavar makes him happy.

2:37:07 | Snoop Dogg helped take Kansas basketball’s Midnight Madness event to another level and in turn validated the allegations that the program has lost its institutional control. 

2:41:51 | Mitch dedicates the show to a special family with local ties affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

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