Scott returns in the nick of time for Episode 61 after another weekend in Burbank, but this this time for a special occasion. The guys briefly touch on the Huskies who get set for a date with the Ducks next Saturday. Then, they launch into a detailed recap of the Seahawks win in Cleveland vaulting them to 5-1 with the Ravens on tap. Guests include Brady Henderson, Rick Neuheisel, Todd Dewey from Las Vegas Journal Review on an interesting sports gambling story in Houston, and Tariq Panja to discuss a World Cup game in Iran which broke down a longstanding social barrier for progressive change. The guys close the show by volleying topics including the red-hot Nats, Jags vs. Jalen, a rule change in the NFL that has gone awry, and Mitch’s Athlete of the Week! 


  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports college football analyst
  • Todd Dewey | Las Vegas Journal Review
  • Tariq Panja | The New York Times


3:18 | Hotshot was back in Burbank over the weekend not just for work, but also to see one of his idols in person!

22:39 | The slim pickins in the 60s continue as Episode 61 presents a shabby list of notable show-naming candidates.

23:24 | Dawgs vs. Ducks next Saturday unfortunately won’t live up to the preseason hype even with a second-half turnaround in Tucson to get UW back in the win column. 

25:36 | Mitch & Scott weigh in on the highs and lows of the gutsy 32-28 victory for the now 5-1 Seahawks with Jarran Reed returning.

1:00:04 | Brady Henderson joins the show live from Cleveland following Seattle’s win over the Browns for postgame commentary.

1:19:57 | Rick Neuheisel stops by following an another exciting weekend of college football. Which teams are poised to make a run to the playoff and can the Huskies finish the season on a high note?

1:40:49 | Todd Dewey of Las Vegas Journal Review discusses the latest high-stakes wager by Houston-based furniture store owner Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale on his hometown Astros.

1:55:01 | Tariq Panja provides an account of the World Cup qualifier in Tehran last week which broke a 40-year barrier of entry for Iranian women to see their national team play a live game on their native soil. 

2:13:44 | The Nationals are marching toward the National League pennant which would give the M’s a lonely distinction.

2:15:20 | Will the Jags figure out what they’re going to do with Jalen Ramsey or will he keep sitting out games for new “injuries” every week?

2:16:11 | The NFL needs to admit they made a mistake with the pass interference challenge rule and get rid of it.

2:17:25 | Lamar Jackson demonstrated his good-natured personality by making sure the photographer he mowed over on the sidelines was okay after the game.

2:18:28 | Mitch nominates his Athlete of the Week – make sure to check out the video on the Mitch Unfiltered Facebook page!

2:25:50 | The ‘LPhins (no “D”, no “O”) are successfully tanking for Tua by losing to the Redskins on Sunday.

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