Mitch begins the show by reflection on year one of the podcast in the books. Then, the guys chat about the current subscription-based media environment. With the Seahawks idle, did their playoff stance improve or decline? Guests include golfer Fred Couples, Rick Neuheisel, college athlete lawyer in the James Wiseman case Richard Johnson, and author of “When it Mattered Most” Kevin Ticen. The “other stuff” segment covers topics ranging from the Garrett/Rudolph incident, Kaepernick workout, cheating Astros, and most importantly…ranch on Taco Time tacos!


  • Fred Couples | PGA golfer
  • Rick Neuheisel | CBS Sports Analyst
  • Richard Johnson | College athlete rights lawyer
  • Kevin Ticen | Author of “When it Mattered Most”


0:00 | Mitch Unfiltered has reached a notable milestone with the release of Episode 66, what could it be?

6:44 | Everything seems to come with a fee these days…including watching Husky hoops.

13:48 | The Seahawks were supposed to be leading the NFC West until the Cardinals decided to screw everything up!

26:24 | No free tacos at Taco Time this Tuesday due to the bye week, but that won’t stop Mitch from swinging by…and don’t forget the ranch sauce!

34:23 | Mitch & Scott share their thoughts on the helmet bash by Myles Garrett that swept the sports nation over the past few days.

47:41 | Colin Kaepernick participated in a private workout in front of NFL scouts on Saturday, but does he really want to get back in the league?

51:48 | How did Sunday’s results shake up the NFC playoff picture as it pertains to the Hawks?

1:00:10 | GUEST: Fred Couples swings by to catch up on his golf career in his first appearance on the podcast.

1:20:23 | GUEST: Rick Neuheisel reviews the weekend in college football including losses by two previous undefeated teams and a season-ending injury to Tua.

1:44:07 | GUEST: Attorney Richard Johnson breaks down the details of James Wiseman’s suspension by the NCAA and how he is working to get his client back on the court.

2:08:13 | GUEST: Kevin Ticen joins the podcast to talk about his book “When it Mattered Most” which chronicles the Seattle Metropolitans as the city prepares for a return of the NHL. 

2:26:17 | Hotshot was at McChord AFB this weekend to showcase his tremendous talent for a hoops tourney.

2:29:29 | Does Alabama stand a chance with Tua done for the season?

2:32:36 | Which side of the fence are you on regarding the Monmouth guard stealing the ball for a late bucket in their blowout loss by Kansas?

2:36:14 | The list of the 100 greatest NFL teams was released and there are a few that made the cut which captures Mitch’s attention.

2:41:03 | Mitch isn’t a big James Harden fan, and his 41-shot night didn’t improve his opinion either.

2:43:39 | More details about the Houston Astros sign stealing during the 2017 World Series have surfaced which piles on to the already shady story.  

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