The guys begin today’s show with the latest shenanigans in Scott’s Daughter’s youth hoops league. Then, they move to some college hoops chatter including an incredible stat about the Duke/UNC rivalry and Bobby Knight’s return to Bloomington. Interviews include Jason La Canfora, Seattle hockey reporter Andy Eide, Hoosiers writer for Indy Star Zach Osterman, and Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding from Harvard University to discuss the coronavirus outbreak. The “other stuff segment” features some Twitter talk, media turmoil regarding Kobe Bryant, and the unusual fashion trends! 


  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL national columnist
  • Andy Eide | Seattle hockey writer
  • Zach Osterman | Indy Star
  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard University


1:01 | Hotshot reads a few colorful reviews from the Mitch Unfiltered mailbag.

13:00 | Some of the great athletes that wore number 78 are revealed as nominees for Episode naming rights.

16:37 | There is some shadiness with Scott’s Daughter’s youth basketball league.

21:10 | The first Seattle Dragons game is in the books and the result was not so hot. 

25:40 | Brace yourself for one of the most unbelievable sports statistics you may ever hear that made the rounds over the weekend.

30:13 | Notorious college basketball coach Bobby Knight made an emotional return to the Hoosier faithful on Saturday twenty years after his heated departure.

40:38 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora puts a bow on the 2019-2020 NFL season with thoughts on the Chiefs championship and a look ahead to the offseason QB free agent market.

59:14 | GUEST: Andy Eide provides an update on the status of NHL in Seattle including team name rumors, arena construction progress, and projected ticket prices.

1:17:13 | GUEST: Zach Osterman discusses how Indiana basketball has reunited with its historic coach Bob Knight following his firing two decades ago.

1:37:16 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding shares details of the deadly coronavirus outbreak which originated in China and has spread to the United States.

1:50:47 | Scott has two new Twitter followers he is quite proud of.

1:56:13 | Was Gayle King out of line for re-hashing Kobe Bryant’s rape trial in 2003 in the wake of his death?

2:10:13 | Mitch is fascinated with the fashion trends of today’s youth which he observes in his own household. 

2:15:15 | For the second straight week, an “Anti-Athlete of the Week” Award is divvied out in addition to the standard “Athlete of the Week” honors.

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