Episode 79 begins with Scott’s heroic tale of re-connecting a lost child with his mother in the mean streets of Issaquah. Then, Mitch describes the toll on his family the loss of their dog Sadie has taken and the gradual recovery. Also, they chat about the lousy response to baseball brass the Astros demonstrated in the early days of Spring Training regarding the sign stealing scandal. Guests include Orange Coast College baseball alum Ryan Evans who shares his reverence for the late John Altobelli who lost his life in the helicopter crash with Kobe Bryant, Britt Ghiroli on the first few days of media scrutiny toward the Houston Astros upon their arrival to Florida for Spring Training, Dr. Patrick Rishe on the XFL’s long-term viability potential, and Jeff Goodman for a college hoops update. The “other stuff” segment hits on two incidents regarding racially insensitive backlash, an arrest of a former Kentwood HS baseball player, and listener feedback on the recent interview with helicopter pilot Matt Johnson in Episode 77.


  • Ryan Evans | Orange Coast College baseball alum
  • Britt Ghiroli | MLB writer for The Athletic
  • Dr. Patrick Rishe | Washington University sports business
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


4:29 | It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Hotshot Scott to the rescue outside the Issaquah basketball gynamisum!

11:06 | The relatievely shabby list of 79s is revealed as potential candidates for episode naming rights.

12:30 | Mitch shares some thoughts on the passing of his dog Sadie earlier this week.

20:27 | A petty passenger caught on film has Twitter abuzz about in-flight etiquette.

23:13 | Mitch proposes an interesting twist to the 3 point shooting contest for NBA All-Star weekend.

28:40 | Is the lack of effort from opposing teams artificially inflating Zion Williamson’s starts to begin his promising career?

30:46 | The Astros were bombarded with media attention upon their arrival to Spring Training and were wildly unprepared for the onslaught.

33:30 | GUEST: Former Orange Coast College baseball player Ryan Evans shares his compelling story and the lasting impact John Altobelli made on his life.

51:42 | GUEST: Britt Ghiroli paints the picture from the first few days in West Palm Beach as the Astros reported to Spring Training with throngs of media reps awaiting.

1:04:23 | GUEST: Dr. Patrick Rishe outlines the recipe for this iteration of the XFL to have long term success.

1:20:13 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman returns for a college hoops update as March approaches and top seed candidates are beginning to materialize. 

1:34:50 | Even with his indefinite suspension lifted, Miles Garrett is doubling down on his allegation that Mason Rudolfph used a racial slur during the violent exchange between the Steelers and Browns

1:38:15 | FC Cincinnati head coach Ron Jans is under scrutiny for singing along to the racially insensate lyrics played over the locker room speakers

1:43:01 | Manchester City may be lose their 2014 Premier League title pending an investigation that alleges they cooked the books.

1:43:58 | Blue Jays prospect and Kentwood HS alum Reese McGuire was arrested for indecent exposure in a Dollar Tree parking lot

1:47:00 | Mel Tucker is under major scrutiny for his change of heart to leave Boulder for East Lansing…do you blame him for opting to earn a few extra million bucks?

1:50:10 | A listener shared a strong opinion about the interview with helicopter pilot Matt Johnson in episode 76 and his commentary on the crash that claimed Kobe Bryant’s life.

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