With roughly 400 interviews throughout the history of the podcast, we comb through the archives to select four of the most memorable and put them together for a greatest hits style episode. This includes appearances by Army veteran Steven Elliott, Mitch’s longtime friend John Bracken, 9/11 first responder Rob Serra, and PGA golfer Ken Green. These interviews will make you laugh, cry, and think – even if you’ve listened to them previously. Also, Mitch and Scott make sure they solve the pressing issue of episode naming rights for number 80 between a few notable wide receivers and the show closes with “Leaving this Town”!


  • Steven Elliott | Former U.S. Army Ranger
  • John Bracken | Friend of Mitch
  • Rob Serra | 9/11 first responder
  • Ken Green | Former PGA golfer


16:24 | The guys mull over the decision of naming the episode after Jerry Rice or Steve Largent

22:40 | GUEST: Veteran United States Army Ranger Steven Elliott discusses his account of the friendly fire incident that claimed the life of Pat Tillman which he is alleged to have caused.

1:01:03 | GUEST: John Bracken tells the unforgettable story when he hosted Michael Jordan in Seattle during the 1996 NBA Finals.

1:27:01 | GUEST: Former New York firefighter Rob Serra tells the story responding to the 9/11 attacks and the long-term health effects he and his colleagues are facing. 

1:56:41 | GUEST: PGA golfer Ken Green chronicles the highs and lows of his life that have pushed his will to the limit to maintain hope.

2:51:33 | The show wraps up with the Mitch’s Melody in Episode 6 “Leavin this Town”. 

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