The guys start the show by chewing over some options for the future of the podcast before delving into Mitch’s conundrum of heading to LA next weekend with his boys. A dynamic four-pack of guests beginning with Vermont basketball player Josh Speidel whose layup on senior night was worth much more than two points. Then, Thomas “Snacks” Lee basks in the glory of his viral long range triple in his hoops debut. Andrew Marchand swings by to chat about Tony Romo’s deal with CBS and the repercussions for other NFL networks. Finally, Jeff Goodman provides a college basketball with one week until Selection Sunday. As always, Mitch and Scott run down their laundry list which includes mic’ed up major leaguers, bracing for busted brackets, and Brian Williams’ bad math!


  • Josh Spiedel | University of Vermont basketball
  • Thomas “Snacks” Lee | Jackson State University basketball 
  • Andrew Marchand | New York Post sports columnist
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


1:32 | Mitch ruffles some feathers by suggesting potential changes to the podcast.

18:22 | Notable 82s are revealed as potential candidates for episode naming rights including a former Seahawk that stirs up Superbowl memories of despair.

20:24 | Should Mitch stick with his plans to go to the Clippers game on Friday with his sons or should he cancel due to coronavirus uncertainty?

33:40 | GUEST: University of Vermont basketball senior Josh Speidel shares his inspiring story of battling back from a car accident that nearly took his life.

50:48 | GUEST: Thomas “Snacks” Lee talks about his rise from Jackson State team manager to hoops sensation overnight following his long range three pointer on senior night.

1:05:00 | GUEST: Andrew Marchand breaks down the contract competition for NFL broadcasters this offseason which kicks off with Tony Romo’s blockbuster deal.

1:17:57 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman stops by as the college hoops regular season wraps up and teams begin to punch their tickets to the Big Dance.

1:32:47 | Would it shock you if the Washington Huskies rallied in the PAC-12 tourney and earned a bid to the NCAA tournament?

1:38:09 | The latest round of jabs between Charles Barkley and Draymond Green has been exchanged about each other’s credentials.

1:40:06 | Bryce Harper chimed in on the Astros sign stealing fiasco with a simple, yet brilliant outlook.

1:44:39 | The Tom Brady rumor mill continues to spin with no end in sight.

1:48:27 | M’s outfielder Mallex Smith was mic’ed up and talking smack to Ken Griffey Jr. in the batter’s box!  

1:52:09 | Do you believe LeBron when he says he refuses to play in fan-less games if coronavirus continues to escalate?

1:55:03 | MSNBC’s Brian Williams should probably have probably used a calculator before pressing “send” on his recent Tweet regarding Bloomberg’s campaign spending.  

1:58:41 | The 27th anniversary of the legendary Jim Valvano speech has passed which carries a powerful message that still holds true.

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