Mitch and Scott start the show with their latest outlook on COVID-19 and the ramifications that are beginning to take effect. Guests include a return from Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding for an expert coronavirus update, WA State House Representative Strom Peterson on House Bill for legalized sports gambling, Jason Hamilton on the disappointing Husky basketball season, & Jeff Goodman to weigh in on the cancellation of the NCAA Tournament. Later, the guys talk about TV shows Mitch is giving a chance, a quirky story from yesteryear involving a run-in with the newest Iona basketball coach Rick Pitino, & how people are rallying around the fight against coronavirus with acts of kindness.


  • Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding | Harvard Epidemiologist & Senior Fellow at Federation of American Scientists
  • Strom Peterson | WA State House of Representatives
  • Jason Hamilton | UW basketball broadcaster
  • Jeff Goodman | College basketball analyst


3:32 | The guys share their perspective on the current state of the coronavirus outbreak as the situation continues to escalate.

15:54 | Who will get the nod as the most deserving #83 in sports for episode naming rights?

22:05 | Are low-risk individuals not showing enough care to protect themselves and others from contracting and spreading coronavirus?

27:09 | How will sports leagues proceed in the coming months to protect the safety of athletes and their image as an business?

37:27 | GUEST: Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding provides an update on the global coronavirus outbreak and a projection of what lies ahead.

1:01:04 | GUEST: Washington House Representative Strom Peterson discusses House Bill 2638 which calls for sports gambling in tribal casinos.

1:16:09 | GUEST: J-Ham swings by to put a bow on a dismal Husky basketball season.

1:44:14 | GUEST: Jeff Goodman weighs in on the abrupt end to the college basketball season in which no NCAA Tournament will be played.

1:56:55 | Mitch reports which TV shows he started to watch per Scott’s recommendation in Episode 82U.

2:04:43 | Rick Pitino is returning to NCAA hoops at Iona which reminds Mitch of a story about one of college basketball’s most storied coaches.

2:14:16 | Good Samaritans are popping up everywhere to help one another combat coronavirus with the exception of a hand sanitizer hoarder in Tennessee.

2:19:47 | People born in the “Generation X” period are well-versed in the lifestyle we are being forced into due to coronavirus.

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