The guys begin by explaining how their families are staying occupied lately. Then, they jump into some “Tiger King” talk followed by reaction to the Seahawks latest free agent pickups. A four pack of guests beginning with ABC correspondent Kaylee Hartung who is recovering from coronavirus, NFL columnist and now radio host Jason La Canfora, Brody Mullins from The Wall Street Journal, & UW Softball’s Heather Tarr. Featured in the “Other Stuff” segment today is an idea for a Mitch Unfiltered bracket challenge, unchanged norms in the coronavirus world, & the rendition of Kenny Rogers’ “Lady”!


  • Kaylee Hartung | ABC News Correspondent
  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL columnist/105.7 The Fan
  • Brody Mullins | The Wall Street Journal reporter
  • Heather Tarr | UW Softball head coach


0:46 | How are the guys staying busy during the lockdown which may last longer than initially expected?

3:57 | The future of Mitch Unfiltered is in your hands and we kindly ask you follow some simple steps to keep the podcast rolling!

13:51 | As much as Scott wishes Episode 85 was named after Paul Johns, there are much better athletes in sports history that bore the number.

18:09 | Episode 84P’s duet of “Lady” has elicited a variety of reaction from listeners.

25:17 | What the heck is “Tiger King” and why is the buzz about it inescapable?

30:55 | The acquisition of Quinton Dunbar and Phillip Dorsett may prove to be one of the biggest offseason steals in the league.

40:09 | GUEST: ABC’s Kaylee Hartung discusses her bout with COVID-19 following her coverage in Kirkland and her quarantined life since.

1:05:09 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora chats about his new radio gig in Baltimore and addresses Clowney’s status and the uncertainty surrounding the NFL league year.

1:33:46 | GUEST: Investigative reporter for The Wall Street Journal Brody Mullins breaks down the implications of the two trillion dollar stimulus bill signed by the federal government.

1:51:10 | GUEST: University of Washington softball coach Heather Tarr drops by to chat about her team’s 2020 season which was cut short due to coronavirus and looking ahead to next year.

2:04:04 | Since we weren’t able to get our bracket fix with the NCAA tourney, Mitch is open to arranging a contest ranking something that is near and dear to our hearts.

2:13:06 | RIP Jim Lambright & Curly Neal.

2:17:35 | Scott is reassured that not everything has changed due to coronavirus like state patrol radaring speeders and standard Twitter hate.

2:21:33 | The Los Angeles Rams have unveiled their new logo with mixed reaction, mostly negative.

2:23:53 | Most companies have been forgiving to customers and employees affected by coronavirus, but Scott found one that is not.

2:26:38 | Mike Hopkins snagged a Wichita State transfer and Washington native Erik Stevenson which adds depth to the Husky backcourt. 

2:32:38 | In case you missed it on Episode 84P, we bring you Mitch & Scott’s rendition of “Lady” by Kenny Rogers.

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