Episode 88 is loaded like the group of NFL receivers that bore the number on their jerseys. Mitch has an idea for a Zoom call on Thursday that you can be part of! Also, “The Last Dance” and NFL Draft will be must-see TV for the guys who are starving for sports programming. Guests include entertainment icon John Tesh, CBS Sports NFL columnist and 105.7 The Fan radio host Jason La Canfora, & Seahawks insiders Brady Henderson & Joe Fann from ESPN and NBC Sports Northwest respectively. “Other Stuff” topics on the show range from Joe Buck’s latest offer, to “The All-In Challenge”, to “The Florida Man Game”.


  • John Tesh | Music composer & author of autobiography Relentless
  • Jason La Canfora | CBS Sports NFL writer & 105.7 The Fan – Baltimore radio host
  • Brady Henderson | ESPN Seahawks insider
  • Joe Fann | NBC Sports Northwest Seahawks insider


0:00 | The Love Boat’s chances of advancing in the Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney are sunk!

16:45 | Candidates for episode naming rights are revealed, many of whom caught a lot of passes in their day.

21:16 | Mitch announces his two main highlights from the week which he never would have imagined doing prior to this statewide lockdown.

24:00 | If you are a fan of the podcast and are free at 4pm Pacific Time on Thursday afternoon, listen up! 

28:59 | Sports fans rejoice as “The Last Dance” Michael Jordan documentary and the NFL Draft both air this week!

39:33 | GUEST: John Tesh jumps aboard to chat about his new autobiography Relentless which details his entertainment career and battles with cancer and addiction.

1:02:07 | GUEST: Jason La Canfora swings by for a pre-draft overview to discuss top prospects, notable position groups, and projected strategy by the Seahawks.

1:20:12 | GUEST: Brady Henderson and Joe Fann join Mitch for the first Seahawks No-Table to break down key offseason acquisitions and areas of need heading into the draft beginning Thursday night. 

1:55:52 | Mitch and Scott share the readings of their excitement meter heading into the NFL Draft. 

1:57:55 | The WNBA Draft made an emotional tribute to the young women that perished in the helicopter crash involving Kobe Bryant.

1:58:25 | As the coronavirus saga drags on, the outlook on how to proceed with lifting the lockdown is becoming increasingly polarizing.

2:01:25 | Joe Buck received a million-dollar offer to call play-by-play for something that involves balls, but is not a sport.

2:04:26 | “The All-In Challenge” is another illustration of how sports brings people together in positive ways.

2:07:11 | Mitch’s home state is not represented well when playing “The Florida Man Game”. 

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