Episode 89 kicks off with the guys tracing back the genesis of nicknames and alternate identities they’ve experienced. Then, they delve into a top to bottom recap of the 2020 NFL Draft from the broadcast to the Seahawks picks to other notable selections over the weekend. Guests include Texas Tech head football coach Matt Wells, NBC Sports NFL writer Peter King, and New York Post columnist Thornton McEnery. Later, Mitch and Scott discuss the first listener Zoom call last Thursday, provide an update on the Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney, & weigh in on the Episode 88P interview with President of Zoos & Aquariums Dan Ashe on the ills of “Tiger King” style animal exhibits.


  • Matt Wells | Texas Tech head football coach
  • Peter King | NBC Sports NFL writer
  • Thornton McEnery | New York Post columnist


0:00 | Once again, Jeopardy demonstrates its contestants routinely struggle mightily with sports trivia.

2:27 | Nicknames and alternate identities have played a part of both Mitch’s and Scott’s life in unique ways. 

22:33 | Episode naming rights could be a runaway for a special number 89 that spent his entire career in Seattle. 

32:07 | Mitch and Scott provide their takeaways from the three-day TV event that was the 2020 NFL Draft.

1:07:51 | GUEST: Texas Tech football coach Matt Wells provides a scouting report of Seahawks first round draft pick Jordyn Brooks. 

1:24:26 | GUEST: Peter King weighs in on the 2020 NFL Draft in terms of its unique “virtual” format and also reacts to the quarterbacks taken in the first round including Jordan Love in Green Bay.

1:45:08 | GUEST: Thornton McEnery discusses the financial details of the potential purchase of the New York Mets by Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

2:04:05 | Were you on the first Unfiltered Zoom call? Mitch want a do-over!

2:07:38 | The Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney has reached the sweet sixteen round!

2:12:38 | Episode 88P guest Dan Ashe is working to shut down independent animal exhibits like the one portrayed in Tiger King. 

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