Episode 90 begins with unveiling the winner of the Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney champion and the opening of Mitch’s sealed envelope with his projected winner when the contest started. Then, Scott asks Mitch to share the stories from old photos he posted on Twitter during a deep house clean over the weekend. Guests include writer of “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” Gary Portnoy, Kansas State athletic director Gene Taylor, and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports. “Other Stuff” in today’s show features Mike Tyson – past and present, the South’s thirst for college football, and giant murder hornets. Enjoy!


  • Gary Portnoy | Singer-songwriter
  • Gene Taylor | Kansas State University athletic director
  • Dan Feldman | NBC Sports NBA writer


3:30 | The Unfiltered TV Theme Song Tourney has reached its conclusion – which show won the contest and did Mitch correctly select the victor from the onset?

22:23 | Episode naming rights for this episode have a coincidental link to a Seahawks story this week and also a former Husky who Mitch isn’t sure was always on the up and up.

27:07 | The radio show crew which included Rock Star Bob, Searsy, Mitch, Fish, and Tracy Taylor grabbed dinner one night in the late 90s and brought back fond memories working together.

32:31 | Who is Sean Chabot and what factors led to him throwing a ceremonial first pitch at The Kingdome with Mitch by his side?

39:20 | Sybil Danning invited a 16-year old Mitch Levy into her hotel room one evening which was a dream at the time, but embarrassing in retrospect. 

49:54 | One particular game stands out from Mitch’s high school hoops days involving Jack Nicklaus and former teammate Roger Yaffe joins the podcast to recall the details!

1:16:26 | GUEST: Gary Portnoy tells the story of creating the iconic theme song to Cheers “Where Everybody Knows Your Name”.

1:46:03 | GUEST: Gene Taylor provides an athletic director’s perspective to navigating through current sports cancellations and what to expect in the fall for football season.

2:00:10 | GUEST: Dan Feldman breaks down the details surrounding the maligned “small business” loan received by the Los Angeles Lakers and if there are justifiable factors.

2:15:42 | Even at age 53, Mike Tyson still packs a punch based on his latest Twitter video.

2:18:11 | Dez Bryant is upset about the Cowboy’s latest signing and the NFL is eyeing Saturday as a potential game day in 2020.

2:19:26 | Will Ferrell crashed the Zoom call with the latest crop of Seahawks draft picks in his one-of-a-kind fashion.

2:20:53 | If coronavirus doesn’t have you nervous, watch out for giant hornets that have found their way to the United States. 

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