Episode 92 marks a first in Mitch’s career as the show takes place in front a live video audience, what took so long? The guys chat about the latest update on Quinton Dunbar’s robbery allegations and its implications to the Seahawks and the lack of humility demonstrated by Michael Jordan in “The Last Dance”. Three interviews including amateur golfer Anthony Griggs and caddie Larry Vinson, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Brad Schrade, and sports gaming attorney Daniel Wallach. In the final segment, the guys discuss betting lines on the Hawks schedule, Blake Snell’s controversial comments, and close out with questions from the virtual audience!


  • Anthony Griggs & Larry Vinson | Amateur golfer & caddie
  • Brad Schrade | Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter
  • Daniel Wallach | Gaming & sports betting attorney


9:43 | Why has it taken 25 years behind the mic for Mitch to record a show on camera?

18:43 | It is pretty clear who Episode 92 will be named after when the list of nominees is revealed. 

22:11 | Do you believe Quinton Dunbar’s attorney who adamantly claims the armed robbery allegations against his client are false?

39:59 | Even in present day, Michael Jordan lacks the ability to give credit to former competitors like Clyde Drexler and Gary Payton.

54:30 | GUESTS: Anthony Griggs & Larry Vinson talk about the unusual route to winning a golf tournament using nothing more than a thrift store putter.

1:16:48 | GUEST: Brad Schrade outlines the latest details in the murder investigation of Ahmaud Arbery by a former law enforcement officer. 

1:37:38 | GUEST: Daniel Wallach provides a legal perspective on the ongoing lawsuit between Zion Williamson and former marketing representative.

2:01:17 | Vegas has released odds for the Seahawks 2020 regular season games and the pivotal middle six matchups presents interesting insight.

2:08:26 | Seattle native Blake Snell posted a video that garnered criticism for his refusal to pitch in 2020 under the league’s proposal which includes reduced salary.

2:12:38 | Comedy said goodbye to two greats in Jerry Stiller & Fred Willard.

2:17:08 | The live video audience volleys in questions!

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